Your Idea

After signing a Non Disclosure Agreement, we will meet with you to discuss your concept and understand the complexity and scope of your project. We will build on your initial ideas to create a brief that fits your key objectives. An initial quote will be issued and, once agreed, a design proposal with wireframes will be produced to visualise your App's.

Kick Off

With the project initiated, we will work on the technical aspects and function of how the App will work. The layout of every screen will be designed and refined in a consultative process. These designs will be signed off by you and the build will begin.

Delivering your App

Using best coding practices and adhering to App guidelines, an alpha build of your app will be developed for you to validate the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). Subsequent beta builds will be distributed to you and others through over the air, so you can install and interact with your product at all stages of the development process. Once final acceptance testing has been completed, a release build of your App will be released to the relevant App Store.